"The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body."- Jason Crandell


Life is a paradox: overflowing with obvious beauty and the deeper crevices continually requesting your further inquiry.  Only by embracing this ongoing journey of exploration are we able to fully connect to the phenomena.  This law also reflects our own internal nature.  When we begin to look at ourselves as a whole: strengths and weaknesses included, our balanced truth becomes loud and reveals itself from the layers of outward conditioning. Belinda is a Certified Yoga Instructor who educates a person on how to return to the body's calm, natural rhythm so one can develop their bio-mechanical awareness and coordination skillfully. Paying deep respect to the lineage of knowledgeable teachers she has learned from, Belinda is dynamically trained in guiding safe, anatomically aware yoga classes to people of all backgrounds.  She works from a foundation of integrity and compassion, while inducing proven methods of relaxation and holistic therapeutic approach into her teachings.  With receptive refinement, she delivers clear tools that allow a person to become empowered with their specific wellness circumstances. Belinda shows the world that a brilliant life is accessible to anyone, once you tap into & develop your personal potential.  


Meditation. Yoga Therapy. Yin. Restore. Hatha. Vinyasa.