Private Yoga:

There is a distinct imprint and value that comes with having a one-on-one yoga lesson.  By eliminating distractions, the real focus can be on your practice and  your individual growth.  This teacher will embody a system of support and use the unique circumstances to tailor fit a personalized experience just for you.  Whether you are looking to learn the basics, improve the details  of your existing practice,  or would like to relax in the healing ambiance of synergistic modalities- such as yoga, sound healing, aromatherapy, and/or Vedic Thai Palm Press- a private session is available for you.  

(1 hour) Private Session- $90

Package of 3 (1 hour) Private Sessions- $255

Package of 5 (1 hour) Private Sessions- $400

Host a Yoga Party:

Share the bliss and enjoy the magical benefits of yoga with a friend or few!  Opportunity to have a personalized and intimate yoga class for your small party.  Perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, family gatherings, and occasions of all kinds.

(1 hour) Group Session - $150 for 2-10 guests & $25 per additional guest

Package of 3 (1 hour)  Group Sessions- $420 for 2-10 guests & $25 per additional guest

Package of 5 (1 hour) Group Sessions- $650 for 2-10 geusts & $25 per additional guest

Available to schedule at a local studio, beach, or park.  Re-scheduling/ cancellation fees may apply. For questions &/or to set up, please email:

Public Schedule:

Sunday @ 4pm| Restore | Yoga Six 4S Ranch
Sunday @ 630pm | Relaxing Sensory Deep Stretch | Wellness Lounge
Monday @ 11am | Restore with Aromatherapy | Yoga Jai Ma
Monday @ 7pm | Restore | Yoga Six 4S Ranch
Tuesday @ 11am | Deep Stretch | Yoga Six 4S Ranch
Thursday @ 11am | Yin & Restorative  Yoga | Yoga Jai Ma