"My luck in encountering Belinda opened up a shift in my life that I am so grateful for.   I have always been highly energetic and competitive and these qualities followed me into my past yoga experiences.  Going through a large personal transition in my life led me to try one of Belinda's classes which was a candlelight yoga.  This sounded so wonderful and seemed like it would be a reprieve from the chaos of everyday life.  She makes everyone feel so appreciated and welcome from day one.  From Belinda I learned that yoga was a very personal experience...a chance to focus, be present in the moment and to let go of outside negativity.  Her calm and loving demeanor in guiding us through our Sunday evening deep stretch has been such a blessing.  This has led me to take a new look at the meaning of yoga which has now become one of the important elements in my life.  Thank you Belinda and Namaste."

-Debby S. 

"I feel like every class with Belinda is a gift to myself, my well being, my sanity and my happiness. She understands exactly what you need and can customize every aspect of every position or exercise to you! She goes above and beyond a "1 hour yoga class". What you experience with her is a guided hour of body restoration and healing process that leaves you happy, relaxed, calm and guarantees perfect sleep at night. Just trust her, follow her voice and at the end get up from your mat as a better person."

-Agnieszka B.

"I highly recommend Belinda Hoang as such a gifted guide to my yoga practice.  She has the most joyful and peaceful presence every time I see her and I always leave a session with her so blissed out and happy from the positive energy she so naturally shares! My husband and I just enjoyed a private couples yoga session with her and she made it so special with the room set up with lights, flowers and tailored it to just what we needed. If you're looking to treat yourself with the gift of self-care, work with Belinda at Organic Vitality Yoga! You'll be so happy you did!"

-Lisa F.

"Belinda is an amazing instructor. I had a private yoga lesson with her and she guided me through meditation and a flow. Her knowledge about the human body is impeccable and her careful diction makes all the difference. One of the things I enjoyed most about our session was her use of aromatherapy. Take a lesson with Belinda and you will leave feeling at peace."

- Alyn P.

"I wanted to do something really special for my 40th birthday and invited five friends to spend the weekend at my home and indulge in some serious relaxation.  One of the events scheduled was a restorative yoga class with Belinda.  From the moment I contacted her, she was exceptionally easy to work with and took the effort to understand what I wanted to do and why so that she could arrange for the perfect solution.  

Belinda came to the house and set it up like our own private yoga studio.  Some of these women had never done this before and she made everyone feel comfortable immediately.  Throughout the session, Belinda checked in with people to address personal needs and demonstrated genuine care, kindness and respect for everyone and their abilities.  She set the tone for the entire day and everyone talked about it for weeks to come.  It was definitely one of the most memorable moments of the weekend and allowed these women to feel appreciated and renewed in new ways.  

I am so thankful for Belinda’s accommodating nature and genuine care for all of us.  I would highly recommend her and absolutely plan on calling her again.  I cannot fully express my appreciation for the work she does and how she does it."

-Karen B., PhD 

"We attended a customized personal retreat with Belinda that blended together gentle and restorative partner yoga, breath work and Vedic Thai Palm Press. We felt welcomed and taken care of even before the retreat began. Since it was a holiday weekend with unpredictable weather, Belinda stayed in thoughtful communication with us about finding a backup location in case weather or parking became an issue. Thankfully, neither was! We decided to have our retreat on the beach, which was blissful. Belinda put a lot of care into choosing the location and props for our session. Afterwards, she even sent us the lovely photos she took (with our permission) so we could keep them for our memory. 

This was a chance to go deeper into the blissful experience of Belinda's teachings. Having attended her studio yoga classes many times, this was a chance to experience the peaceful grounding together as a couple  in our semi-private location next to the ocean. As if the ocean waves and sunset were not enough of a treat, the gifts of sound healing and aromatherapy helped our senses go deeper into the present moment. Belinda artfully weaved in her poetic wisdom as she guided us into yoga postures, touch and breathing exercises that encouraged union on the physical, emotional and more subtle levels of coexistence. With Belinda's guidance, we relearned what it feels like to be in easy presence with each other- simply enjoying each other's company and finding joy in our awareness of each other."

-Arthur and Christina, San Diego

"Such a calming holistic experience, I walked out of the class feeling like I was floating on a cloud. Belinda is soothing, professional, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. But the best part is that she is a beautiful person, inside and out! I look forward to this class every week ^_^."

-Adriana C. 

"Belinda's yoga classes are the perfect compliment to an active San Diego lifestyle.  The flows in the Relaxing Sensory Deep Stretch classes are a perfect way to untangle any aches and tightness that result from hiking, biking or other physical activity.  And they reset and center me for the upcoming week.  I've been coming to Belinda's classes for more than a year now, and I always feel like I've had a really great experience on the mat."

-Alan S. 

"I started yoga with Belinda 2 years ago. My life has been through numerous changes in those 2 years.  Belinda is always warm, caring, accepting, and interested without intrusiveness in my life. The environment she provides is relaxing and comforting,  Her instructions to guide poses are clear and easy to understand, and she provides instructions for different levels of ability. She is warm and welcoming to all, new and old, experienced or not experienced.  Highly recommend this instructor."

-Mardi S. 

"Belinda is a wonderfully patient yoga instructor who takes a genuine interest in her students.  She greets each one personally and warmly every time, inquires as to any specific physical concerns/issues and carefully explains and demonstrates each posture.  In addition, she offers various modifications for each posture to meet the needs of the individual.  I leave her restorative deep stretch yoga classes relaxed both in body and mind!  I highly recommend Belinda!"

-Cindy C. 

"Belinda has been a very influential yoga instructor for me over the past year. I first began taking her Sunday evening restore class at Yoga 6 in Point Loma. Earlier this year I began driving to the Rancho Bernardo location of Yoga 6 just to attend Belinda's deep stretch class. The round trip is 52 miles—worth the drive to be in her class.  Belinda is the most conscientious and caring yoga instructor in my experience. She had helped me deal with sciatica and spinal stenosis with her hands on adjustments during class. She is awesome."

-Edward K. 

"Belinda is FANTASTIC. Where do I start?! She has a great personality and is very thoughtful in practice. I shared some concerns with her early on and throughout tonight's practice she was very attentive to that specific issue. As a person who uses yoga for grounding and physical therapy, this kind of attention during the practice is very appreciated. She teaches comfortable intimate classes that are set up for success! She talks through the middle road, offering mods for people who want something more gentle or more intense. This made the process great for everyone! Her voice is worthy of ASMR - she is very gentle toned and very clear in instruction all the while allowing for the individual to achieve their needs in practice as well. She really knows how to transition poses comfortably and how to use props in poses to maximize benefits for the student. She also does not hesitate to get involved in the student's practice, with the student's approval, to help them in their poses or offer a gentle massage to help ease tense muscles. She really offers a well rounded session that leaves the student relaxed and comfortable. Overall, Belinda is a very friendly, happy, and positive instructor. I look forward to attending more of her classes in the future!"

-Meghan C.

"Belinda is a pleasure to be around! She is highly knowledgeable about yoga and the body, and has a fantastic approach to teaching and guiding you. Her effort and dedication to providing a holistic approach to enriching one's life and practice are phenomenal! Belinda is a blessing, and a true teacher-encouraging and engaging you in a deep rooted practice focused on mind, body, and spirit. Thank you!"

- Talia S.